the concept

A talented and enthusiastic team of directors, designers, and clinicians are available to work with students to help them experience the joys and challenges of musical theatre. Classroom learning and musical productions enable students to gain a broad understanding of the various components of musical theatre. Unique sets are designed to be mobile so that productions can be organized into summer tour opportunities with travel to other communities. 

Spot On Musical Theatre incorporates five areas of personal development to help actors build character, skills and confidence: 

  • Musical Theatre Lab
  • Lab Band
  • Concurrent Credit
  • Director’s Choice
  • Private Lessons

Semester long musical theatre courses have been developed that allow high school juniors and seniors to receive 1 university communications activity credit through Northwest Nazarene University. Classes may be repeated up to four times. Course topics include:

  • music theory
  • on stage and back stage artistry
  • musical theatre history
  • the elements of musical theatre production

The Director’s Choice cast produces a musical show that provides hands on experience for the various actor development areas and as an option for schools that are interested in using the cast to teach the musical to their drama/musical classes for production. 

Summer musical theatre camps are being planned to give concurrent credit students an opportunity to develop their interest and skills in this art form.

Not only do actors, singers and dancers benefit from the classes but stage managers, builders, costumers, make up personnel, and technicians are enabled to see a bigger scope of artistry that is required of good musical theatre.

Cast with Randy Hills (former Broadway musical actor) and Director Gene Lubiens on set of "Alice in Wonderland" 2011

Cast with Randy Hills (former Broadway musical actor) and Director Gene Lubiens on set of “Alice in Wonderland” 2011

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